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Wood Pulp: Small Round Spiral Banneton

Wood Pulp: Small Round Spiral Banneton

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Made in Germany from 100% sustainably sourced spruce trees.

These professional grade wood pulp bannetons are perfect for higher-hydration doughs & designed to wick moisture to create an even skin during the final proofing.

High quality, thick-walled & durable they help maintain a consistent temperature & facilitate an easy release of dough.

Please note: variations in wood, natural pigments, colour & consistency throughout each basket is perfectly normal & expected.


  • Approximate internal dimensions (DxH) 180mm x 70mm
  • Spiral pattern 
  • Prove dough up to 850g
  • 100% sustainably sourced German Spruce wood fibre

Natural Material

Made in Germany from 100% food safe & sustainably sourced spruce trees.

Care Instructions

  • Do not bake bannetons with bread in oven.
  • Do not stack wet bannetons on top of each other as this will create mould & bacteria.
  • Do not wash in water or use any detergent.

With some care & maintenance, these professional grade bannetons will perform for years to come. Please take time to read our Use & Care page.


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  • Certified Food Safe
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sourdough Magic in a Mini Spiral

My new small round banneton from Sourdough Mate is a game-changer! Perfect for smaller loaves, it wicks moisture like a champ, leaving behind a beautiful, even crust. The spiral pattern adds a charming touch, and the dough releases effortlessly for easy baking. Plus, it's made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, so I feel good about my eco-friendly choice. Five stars from a happy baker!

John Gorham
Wood pulp banneton

Great product, works well, would highly recommend this over rattan baskets.

Andrew Frost
Small Round Banneton

Love these pressed pulp banneton's. More environmentally friendly than the rattan variety, and easier to keep clean.

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